Allen the Alien



Allen Walker Jericho

A 51-or-so-whatever-year old (though he sure doesn't look it) man who is fairly calm and sensitive, but can get short tempered. He's rather sane and rational, but when problems escalate, he can get off his rocket. Despite the title, he's not an alien (to us, anyway).

Likes: His wife Bonnie, his son Chad, television

Dislikes: People who threaten his loved ones.

Bonnie Swanson Jerhico

Allen's 47-year-old-or-so-whatever (once again, she doesn't look it) wife. She is slightly ditzy, but sometimes she has to snap Allen back to sanity. She is also quite tomboyish, and has some interests reflecting that.

Likes: His husband Allen, her son Chad, video games, food.

Dislikes: Annoying "gamer chick" types, people who threaten her loved ones.

Chad "Jeb" Jericho

Allen and Bonnie's only-child son. He is kind, but often rude, despite efforts not to be. Often given the affectionate nickname "Jeb" by Bonnie (and sometimes Allen and himself).


The alien who kidnaps Allen, believing him to be his daughter 565-14. His "human" name (the name he prefers humans call him) is "David".


RR-TWTTW's young, cute, daughter. Often called "Jill" by Chad, but her "human" name is actually "Elanis".